Winner of the Diversity in Video Games Competition at the Congressional Black Caucus Foundation's 2023 Legislative Conference, sponsored by the Entertainment Software Association. Read more here.

Roles: Programmer, Artist, Designer

Mango Goes to Mewsic School is a 2D rhythm-based RPG. Play as Mango, a young kitten who sets out to learn the principles of four diverse genresafrobeats, jazz, classical, and kpopto pursue their dream of going to music school.

This game was created over the course of a semester with co-developer Kaya Cook, a team of six Berklee students, and two usability partners.

As a programmer, I implemented 

As an artist, I created all visual assets, including

As co-developers, my partner and I were heavily involved in multiple other processes in the creation of this game, including shared roles in

Some tools and methods we used include

A peek at Mango

Character Concept