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Hi! I'm Cecil,

a junior currently pursuing a degree in Computer Science with an emphasis in games along with a minor in 3D Animation at the University of Southern California.


While I am primarily interested in gameplay programming, I've been making digital art for several years—I often contribute a mix of both programming and art in many of my projects, so you'll see some of both highlighted here. Ultimately, regardless of the medium, I am dedicated to bringing creative ideas to life! In my free time, I enjoy longboard dancing, journaling, and listening to music.


University of Southern California
B.S. in Computer Science (Games)
Minor in 3D Animation
Presidential Scholar, Dean's List

2021 - 2025


Data Structures Grader
USC Viterbi School of Engineering
Grade assignments and exams, conduct code inspections, provide
    feedback to help students better understand data structures

August 2023 - December 2023

Gameplay Programming Intern
Airstrafe Interactive
Developed XP-soaking functionality for multiplayer gameplay
    using Unity Mirror networking
Contributed to a significant refactoring of the audio system to     
    determine all physics-based sound effects and equipment foley by 
    object-specific features, enhancing audio realism
Scripted console commands & custom editor tools to streamline
    the playtesting process for QA testers and designers
Fixed several critical bugs by navigating a large codebase with
    Visual Assist and Visual Studio Debugger 

May 2023 - 

August 2023

Summer Fellow and Camp Counselor
Girls Make Games
Instructed girls aged 13-15 on game development, including
    design, art, music, and block programming in Construct 3
Guided four teams in building a game in one month by planning
    milestones, bug fixing, drafting a game design document

June 2023 - 

July 2023

leadership /

Programming Lead (prev. Art Lead)
Open Alpha
Co-lead a team of 11 programmers into programming pairs and
    delegate weekly tasks based on design specifications
Write and maintain club documentation on Git, Unity, C#, and the
    development environment for new members
Resolve version control issues, merge features, fix bugs, and
    provide extra programming assistance when needed

August 2023 - December 2023


C++, Unity/C#, Java, HTML/CSS/Javascript, React
Unity, Git, Perforce, VSCode, JetBrains Rider, Eclipse, Figma, Autodesk MAYA, Clip Studio Paint


Winner of the Diversity in Video Games Competition at the Congressional Black Caucus Foundation's 2023 Legislative Conference, sponsored by the Entertainment Software